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Fire Alarms | A&C Specialists

Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Systems

We install, test, commission, repair and maintain Fire Alarm Systems. Maintenance and service are vital elements in ensuring any Fire System remains effective and trouble free.

fire-alarmsIt is the law that all Fire Systems receive a service every quarter. This will result in the system working to its full capacity and less likely to trigger false alarms.

Please call us now, to arrange  a FREE SITE SURVEY with our security solutions consultant to discuss and design a system that suits your requirements and budget.



Q. Are there different types of Fire Alarm Systems ?
A. Yes, you can choose from an ‘Addressable’ Fire Alarm System or a ‘Conventional’ Fire Alarm System.

Q. What are the differences between the Systems?
A. Both types of Fire Alarm Systems link devices such as; ‘call points’ & your ‘smoke detectors’ to a main control panel however the most important difference between these 2 systems is ‘location accuracy’.

With the ‘Addressable’ Fire Alarm System – every device connected to that system has its own unique zone. So in the event of a fire you can pinpoint exactly which device has been activated. Once a fire is detected, the device’s ‘zone’ shows up on the control panel, telling you exactly which device has been activated therefore enabling you to pinpoint the exact location of the fire so you can extinguish it as quickly as possible.

With a ‘Conventional’ Fire Alarm System, there is no way of pinpointing the exact location of the fire. We can however, wire your building into different zones, which will give you a general idea of where the fire is. For instance, if you have two floors, you could wire the first floor as “zone 1” and the second as “zone 2”, so if a fire occurs in “zone 1”, you know the fire is somewhere on the first floor, however as you can see you won’t get the same ‘location accuracy’as you would with the ‘Addressable’ system.

Q. Is there a cost difference with the 2 systems?
A. Yes, there is a difference; the ‘Conventional’ Alarm panels cost a lot less to buy … BUT… are actually more expensive to install, because of the amount of labour hours and additional wiring involved. This is because each device being connected to the conventional system has its own wire, whereas with the ‘Addressable’ system, one wire loop will connect several devices, so it is easier and faster to install, not to mention more effective when detecting what could be a life threatening situation.

Q. Which is more reliable?
A. Functionally the ‘Addressable’ fire alarm system is superior, which can help prevent costly activities & save time when detecting a fire. It is also easier and cheaper to install. But in terms of buying price, a conventional system is cheaper and will meet the functional needs of a small premises, so it really depends on your budget, expectations and requirements.
Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements.


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