Prewired Alarms

A Prewired Alarm System is a system requiring cable to run to each component of the alarm system from the main panel including external bell box. (Components could be: motion detectors, vibration detectors, beams, smoke detector)

As it is not always possible to run cables in a building due to distance, flooring, solid walls or layout, a call by one of our engineers to the site to do a free site survey would quickly determine if it is possible or not.

All devices used in a hardwire security system are basically the same as a wire free system, there is only one major difference; the hardwire components are connected via cabling.

A&C Specialists are experienced in designing wired and wire free intruder alarm systems or a mix of both, to give you the right balance between early detection, adequate coverage and realistic cost. Our intruder alarm systems vary in scope according to your specific needs. Our technical staff will explain the different levels of systems available and show you where other companies can cut corners by ‘leaving out’ key parts of a system.

Before you make a decision, it is best to arm yourself with all the information you need.. You can book a free consultation by leaving your details HERE  or give us a call to get an idea of cost involved. You can tap the image here to call directly from a mobile.


How do I decide if a wired or wireless system is right for me ?

First of all, if you have just bought a house, or moving into a new home, you might notice ‘wires’ around the house… this means the house has been pre-wired for an alarm system, so you can install a ‘Wired System’ in this case and in the long term it can save you some money on batteries, which are required for a wireless system.

However, in the case of older homes, it could be more difficult to install a wired system and it would be around 90% more cost effective to fit a ‘Wireless Alarm’ in this case, plus it means no drilling or unsightly cables around the house.

Other factors such as budget and security requirements also play a deciding factor so if in any doubt, or if you would like some professional advice, please get in touch and we will advise you on your best options.

How long does it take to install a wired system? Anything up to 8 hours, depending on the amount of devices to be installed.

Is there a guarantee? 1 years manufacturers warranty