Wireless Alarms

Wireless Alarm Systems are very popular and economical due to the ease of use and ease of installation. They tend to be very cost effective, as generally there is little or no need for any form of cabling, except for the mains. ( If optional Alarm Monitoring is required, some wiring of the external bell box and phone line would be required)

security_alarm_systemThe Wireless Alarm System ‘detectors’ can be placed in any positions that are suitable to the owner, without the need for any disruption, making it easy to install and inn order to conserve battery power, motion detectors operate a sleep period of approximately 3 minutes.
tap-to-call-button-2Wireless components (motion detectors, vibration detectors, beams, smoke detector) are very similar to that of a hardwired alarm system. they work in exactly the same manor. All wireless components would operate by a signal being sent back to the control panel, the control panel would act as a receiver.

Wireless Alarms are the ideal security solution for apartments or town houses, and it is possible to ‘relocate’ a wireless system … however… you would need to relate your intentions to your installer at time of installation, as normally devices are screwed to windows and walls. In the case of rented accommodation, you would need to obtain landlord permission for this.

NOTE: Wireless devices require batteries (internally) and so will need regular  replacements.

A&C Specialists are experienced in designing wired and wireless intruder alarm systems or a mix of both, which will give the right balance between early detection, adequate coverage and realistic cost.

Our intruder alarm systems vary in scope according to your specific needs and we pride ourselves in giving you premium service and professional security solutions to suit your needs, wants and budget.

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Q. What is a wireless alarm?
A. This is an Alarm system that does not require wiring between devices & the main control panel, so as the name suggests it is a ‘wireless’ system.

Q. How does this differ from a wired system, apart from no wires?
A. Devices are slightly bigger in size and require batteries to operate, however, a wireless system is easier to install.

Q. Is this as effective as a prewired system ?
A. Yes, absolutely, once it is professionally installed.

Q. Is it suitable for all houses?
A. Yes, and can be very useful if you need to ‘add on’ to your existing system or incorporate into a ,mixed system’. This is when we combine a wired and wireless system to best address the needs of the premises.  For example, let’s say you have an existing system in your current home, but then you decided to erect a shed in the garden and keep your very expensive motorbike, or car or equipment of some sort in the shed … It is not practical to try to bring cable to the shed in this case, so a wireless device would work perfectly and be very cost effective.

Q. Is this suited to apartments?
A. Yes, however, in the case of rented accomodation you may need to discuss this with the owner of the property prior to installation.

Q. What information do you need from me in order to give me a quote for this wireless system?
A. We need information such as  how many windows you have, how many doors, do you require monitoring etc.,  you can fill our the QUICK QUOTE FORM to get an approximate cost for your security solution.

Q. Do you come out to survey / look at the house first before recommending a system?
A. Normally, yes and this is the ideal scenario, as requirements vary from home to home as well as budgets, so in order to provide a professional system to meet your requirements and budget it is better for you if we perform an onsite review prior to recommending a solution.

Q. How long would it take to install?
A. Anything up to 5 hours, depending on the amount of devices required.

Q. Does this need ‘servicing’ each year like a boiler?
A. While it is recommended, it is not essential.  As part of the regulations, it is advised that all Intruder Alarms Systems receive one maintenance check per year. This will result in the system working at all times to its full capacity and less likely to give false alarms. False alarms cannot be eliminated but we are there to help resolve any issues that might arise.  This is a similar situation to servicing your car on a regular basis for maximum performance. All of our intruder alarm systems are certified on completion and set up for Alarm Monitoring if requested.

Q. Why is it any different to a ‘DIY alarm in a box’  from a store?
A. The alarm systems we install, are up to the new EN standards, PSA standards and NSAI standards, so you have peace of mind in your investment, plus you have a qualified engineer installing your system. You also benefit from our experience and professional knowledge, so we will assess your personal situation and recommend accordingly, which you won’t get when buying a system in a box!

Q. Is there a guarantee?
A. Yes, you have 1 years manufacturers warranty to give you added peace of mind.