Many home owners are now opting for CCTV as an integral part of ‘Home Security System’. CCTV is not just for business use anymore, as more and more home owners are installing this additional security option now.

DOMESTIC CCTV gives you extra security for your home and family. Cameras can be installed around the perimeter of your home or internally within your home, to monitor and protect your property while you are at home or away.

CCTV Systems enhance your Home Security and acts as a powerful deterrent to unwanted visitors. One of the powerful benefits of home CCTV is; it gives you the ability to view footage from inside your home without the risk of going outside, or put yourself in any unnecessary danger.

This is particularly useful if your intruder alarm is activated at night, so you can view the external camera images to check for intruders without the risk of going outside.

DOMESTIC CCTV also means you can monitor your home while away on holidays …with the use of  ‘Remote Access’, it means you can view your home from anywhere in the world right there on your smart phone.

A&C Specialists provides quality CCTV Systems, which is one thing you really need to bear in mind with CCTV ..when investing in such systems, make sure your installer takes the time to assess your requirements and your budget to ensure your investment matches your expectations in terms of end product ‘Image Quality’.

If you’d like to book a free consultation, please get in touch HERE so we can ensure the cameras and digital recorder we provide give you the right balance between good quality footage and realistic cost.


Q: What kind of equipment is required?
A: Cameras, visual recorder and a screen

Q: Do you supply & install everything ? A:Yes

Q: How do I decide what kind of system I need?
A: Budget would of course be one of the main considerations,  as well as your reason for the cameras and how good an image quality you require.

Q: Are they all the same?
A: No, there is  3 different types of picture quality:
Analogue – technology that is out for the last 20 years
Digital – which is out for the last 5 years
IP which is out for the last 3 years (Analogue being the worst and IP being the best)

Q: Do I need a large hardrive to record all the footage?
A: If you go with IP yes, but not with analogue. However, it is vitally important to assess your requirements and install a system that meets your expectations, requirements and budget.

Q: What happens to the footage?
A: The footage is digitally encrypted and stored onto the recorder and once the drive is full, it will begin to overwrite the oldest data.

Q: Will you show me how to operate it / how to retrieve data from it if I need it?
A: Yes of course.

Q: What happens in the event of an incident?
A: The footage can be searched by simply entering a date/time, there is no need to replay hours of recording to search for an incident. We then recommend you back it up onto a USB drive and backup the footage again onto your own PC hard drive, which we will supply all the instructions to do so.